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Özdemir Keçe participates in ITMA 2019 Barcelona fair with industrial mats

Textile, leather, laundry, aluminum, paper, furniture, as well as many sectors used in the machine industry industrial seals production, imports and exports realized Özdemir Keçe, ITMA 2019 exhibition hall-1 B230 Booth will exhibit the product group of textile machinery mats.


Established in 1998 by mechanical engineer Nusret Özdemir in order to sell and market textile mats with high technological properties used in various industrial areas, Özdemir Keçe has become an international business which exports to more thhan 50 countries today. The company, which takes place in many organizations both in Turkey and abroad, draws attention as one of the most participating companies in the Fair from Turkey in its field. Finally, the company decided to participate in the ITMA 2019 exhibition held in Barcelona, Spain between 20-26 June 2019 and will exhibit the product groups of textile machinery seals. Nusret Özdemir, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company we visited, answered our questions about their work.


Can you give information about the establishment of Özdemir Keçe company?

“My main job is mechanical engineering. For many years I have worked on industrial belts used in many industries. I wanted to evaluate the technical knowledge and experience gained from my training and entrepreneurship. I founded Özdemir Keçe company in 1998 in order to carry out activities on industrial textile mat, which is seen as the most widely used and needed in the machinery industry in our country. Our primary aim was to carry out sales, service and production activities of textile mats with high technological properties. We have become a well-known and trusted brand in our field as a result of the successful efforts we have made and the correct decisions we have taken.”


In which sectors are your products used?

“Industrial mats with technical properties are used today in many industries. Textiles, leather, aluminum, laundry, furniture, paper and machinery industry are among the sectors that are used intensively. In the first years we started to serve the textile, leather and laundry sectors, while in parallel with the development of technology and machinery industry, the number of sectors in which we work has increased with the needs arising from enterprises.  As of 2007, we started to offer products for every area where industrial technical seals are used.”


Can you give information about the areas of use of your products?

“There are mats used in textile industry.  These mats protect the machine’s performance and ensure you get the right product. These heat-resistant mats are demanded by the machine manufacturers as well as by the enterprises in the sector. Woven fabric Sanfor mat, Transfer Printing mat, Iron mat, Vigore print mat, Plise mat, silicone coated mat, cylinder wrap mat, Wick and draw mat, Polrotor mat, various shapes and molds mat, lubricant and stripper mat, tube mat, hose mat, Press mat, printing mat, label mat, wrapping mat, Sanfor Teflon mat and Teflon fabric, polyester bands are very diversified. We have mat and tape used in machines that work in the laundry. Today, we give laundry mat to many companies both domestic and abroad, band-roller ironing mat, bed-roller ironing mat, folding mat, elastic tape, feeding tape, perforated tape, guide Strip, pressing mat, tape insertion clips and equipment, PVC and Pu conveyor bands, roller winding bands work smoothly. Also used in leather machines mat and tapes. These mats and tapes are produced in accordance with special sizes according to customer demands. We serve Rotopres mat, squeezing mat, Age-hungry mat, pressing mat, fur ironing mat, lubricant and stripper mat for leather tanners and finishers as Özdemir Keçe, PVC and Pu conveyor bands, Rolicot bands, polyester spiral bands. Apart from the texile, leather and laundry sectors, we have mat and tape for the aluminium sector which has captured a great output for the last 12 years. Today, as Özdemir Keçe, we offer our products to our domestic and international aluminium customers as well. What are these products if we look at Aluminum Extrusion conveyor mats, roll mats, endless felt tapes, pad mats, thermal oven laminating cases, adhesive basket edge mats, Kevlar gloves, PVC and PU conveyor belts.”


What are your principles as a company? Can you tell us about your marketing activities?

“As a company, we always attach importance to customer-oriented work. Instead of selling everything, we took care to be the manufacturer and supplier of industrial seals and belts with engineering and technical value. We have always tried to offer them the best and the best products, as well as the products that will work smoothly. Instead of diversifying the products on every issue, we tried to specialize in the use of felt for technical purposes. We are constantly trying to improve ourselves with confidence in what we do. Today, we are able to respond to the needs of the sector immediately. As for marketing, we continuously visit our customers and try to keep the current pulse of the market. Apart from giving advertisements to sectoral publications,we participate in international fairs organized both in Turkey and abroad in all sectors mentioned above.  As of 2019, we have a good customer portfolio in the sectors that complement each other. “


Well, you mentioned domestic and international fairs.  What is your export as a company? What are your expectations from the ITMA exhibition?

“Between 1998-2005, we followed a sales policy that focused mainly on the domestic market. In this process, there was little demand from countries such as Syria, Egypt and Iran. Özdemir Keçe company’s net sales correspond to a very small proportion in 2005, while we decided to open to foreign markets. Following an accurate policy between 2005 and 2019, we have increased our exports to 50 countries on the five continents of the world. I’d like to mention something important here. Industrial mats are a subject requiring technical knowledge. Our experience and experience, the quality of our products, our customer solution-oriented work has made us a reliable and respected company in many sectors and also an international brand. When we look at the point we have reached today, we have participated in the fairs in Germany, Italy, Spain, Bangladesh, Egypt, Syria, etc. Now preparing for the ITMA 2019 Barcelona fair. We will take part for the 3rd time in this big organization where we have participated twice. The expectations of the firms in fairs are very different. Our aim of participation in fairs is to introduce ‘’ ÖZDEMİR KECE’’ brand and its products. The aim of all the fair participation we have made is the value and importance we give to branding activities. Now we will present our products to textile industrials from all over the world at ITMA fair. While we proudly introduce our products at this fair, we will continue to increase the export volume as a firm with high self-confidence and confidence in its products. “


As far as we can tell, you have entered into an export-oriented business. Although Turkey is an industrial country, why did you enter such a quest?

“As I just mentioned, ÖZDEMİR KEÇE company has become one of the leading companies in its field in the country. However, it was always on one side of our hearts that we should do something on behalf of our country. We wanted to pay a little bit of our heart debt to our country by putting the Turkish flag and perception of the Turkish brand ahead in international markets. We wanted to say we were in the international markets. We are constantly working to ensure that we export with these emotions and to be active in international markets.  Our export company also contributes to continuity and sustainability. Interaction with different cultures of the world also opens the door to capture different opportunities. We aim to increase both the capacity of our exports to more than 50 countries on 5 continents and the number of countries we export by giving more weight to exports in the coming period. “


Can you tell us a little bit about the production process? Do you do R&D studies?

Our productions are continuing at the Textile Trade Center in Istanbul Esenler. We always make high quality and timely deliveries to our customers by making our productions in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 international quality standards. We are a company that has adopted innovation as a model that opens the way for innovation and diversity by keeping innovation in the forefront in every stage of management and production. In an approach that analyzes the needs and problems of the customers and offers unlimited options in the solution, we have become the most diversified company in the sector. Our company, with limited product range in its establishment, has given its product range to a structure that serves different sectors with a wide variety of products, taking into consideration customer demands and problems together with R & D activities of our company. Our investigative, innovative and customer-oriented work is the values that make us.”


Some products require mounting and technical service. Do you have any work on this?

“You mentioned one of the most important issues. Sanfor Mats in textile sector, Ironing Mat in the Laundry requires technical knowledge. In many of the requests we receive, there are mounting service requests in addition to technical service. We provice services in any region of Turkey when the installation of some mats requiring expertise and experiece is required. I’d like to clarify somethin here. Companies who absolutely want Technical Service and installation from us should notify us at least 2 or 3 days in advance. The necessary organization is made between the customers and our company.”


Finally, what do want to add?

He finished his explanation by these words “In today’s World where information and technology are changing at a dizzying pace, the most important capital is knowledge, experience and change. In short, we live in the information age. If you have knowledge and experience, you adapt quickly to change. They are in a very rapid change, no matter what sector they are today. Now, businesses that keep pace with change in the market and offer innovation along with this change and technological development continue on their way. Look at the machine industry. Businesses that come up against their customers with the same technology are locking their doors. Automative sector again. Construction sector. Smart houses, cars. People are now starting to manage their moblie phones, electronic devices at home. We live in a period where such technological and personal products are produced. Technology has entered every aspect of life, and whether you want it or not, you have to keep up with. There are 10 years to try to adapt, to adapt to the day. I repeat again, companies that attach importance to innovation will survive. Finally, we have ITMA fair in front of us and about 160 companies are participating in our country. The common aim of all of them is to introduce the Turkish machinery and technologies in the best way and to contribute to the export of the country. They have a great responsibility and assignment. I wish all our participating companies success”

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