As Özdemir Keçe, our biggest value is our employees.
In line with our company’s targets and strategies, we aim to employ qualified human resources by identifying employee needs. We work with the team spirit in order to provide training and motivation for our employees, to follow up the performance and to keep people open to change and to raise people for continuous success.
In this direction;
Evaluates the qualified human resources for new positions,
It selects all candidates with equal opportunities and transparent processes in recruitment.
Employees create a safe, healthy and peaceful working environment and ensure the continuity of this environment,
It enables our colleagues to take appropriate tasks in accordance with their knowledge and skills, and to increase business efficiency and working efficiency.


Our mission is to be aware of the fact that each business is: respect ’and our most important asset is en human Her:

– To ensure that the most important asset of Özdemir Keçe is to work with the most effective, efficient and highly motivated human resources,
– Creating policies and procedures to ensure that our employees perform in a safe environment

our goals.

Our Basic Human Resources Policy

– Evaluate the competent human resources for new positions,
– The most suitable candidate for the recruitment of the personnel, not only today, but also taking into account the needs of the future, evaluate.

To select candidates with transparent processes to offer equal opportunities,
– To create a safe, healthy and peaceful working environment in terms of occupational safety and employee health and to ensure the continuity of this environment,
– Establishing systems that will enable our employees to develop, work with high performance and increase in their careers,
– To ensure that our employees take appropriate duties for their knowledge and skills, and to make arrangements that increase business efficiency and working efficiency,

Our values

– Knowing that Özdemir Keçe’s most important asset is employees,
– Being customer oriented,
– To give importance to the mental and physical health of employees and to provide internal stakeholder satisfaction,
– Being environmentally friendly,
– Respect for reliability, transparency, honesty, diligence and ethical values,
– Working with team spirit,
– Leading the market we are in,
– To be focused on sustainable development and change,
– To focus on success with team spirit, to act in unity of common goals and goals,
– Provide healthy supplier chain management,
– To be open to research and development, to be creative,
– Adopting Participatory Management Philosophy.

Our HR Vision

To be a star brand that is referenced with different perspectives and constructive innovations brought to Human Resources and wanted to work in the sector.

Our HR Mission

To ensure the continuity of employee satisfaction by creating a work environment that gives excitement and pride to our employees,

develops the knowledge, skills and competencies of highly qualified employees, who are responsible to society and who attach importance to ethical values, find out.

Selection and Placement

All of our selection and placement procedures are organized in such a way as to show the principle of equal opportunities by evaluating prospective candidates according to their competencies, knowledge, skills. The open positions in our company are evaluated within the company first.

Based on the principle of the right person for the right job, our interviews are conducted on the basis of competency.

Candidates are offered job offers and all applicants are positive.