About us

Özdemir Keçe Company was founded in 1998 by Nusret Özdemir a mechanical engineer who wished to evaluate years of technical knowledge and experience in entrepreneurship. Engaging in sale, marketing, service and manufacturing activities of technical textile felts having high tech features used in various areas of industry was among purposes of foundation.
The firm which adopted principle of customer oriented operating constantly from foundation up to present adopted offering customers best quality products needed by market according to customer demands as an indispensable target. We prioritized innovation at any stage of management and manufacture and adopted a model that paved the way for innovation and diversity. In an approach that analyzes needs and problems of customers properly, offering infinite options regarding solution, we became the company in the industry with most extensive product range. The firm who had limited sorts of products at foundation considered customer demands and problems with R&D works which is one of indispensable activities of our business and reached a product range that provides service to sectors different from one another thanks to a great variety of products.

Presently, Özdemir Keçe is one of the most important suppliers in Turkey of high-tech felts and belts used in Textile Industry, Tannery Industry, Laundry Industry, Aluminium Industry, Paper industry, Furniture Industry, Machinery Industry and also is a firm that exports to 60 countries in 5 continents of the World as of year-end 2017

The firm provides products in accordance with customer demands; he also continues determiner and pioneer role in the area of industrial felts by offering alternative products for solution of problems encountered at various industry branches.
We manufacture products at our facility located in Esenler / Tekstilkent under ISO 9001:2008 international quality standards and we always perform high quality and timely deliveries to our customers.
The firm which is aware that the most important capital is knowledge, experience and change in today’s world where knowledge and technology change at a stunning speed improves and renews himself every passing day.

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