Wool felt is used at various fields of industry through it’s feature of satisfying many technical needs such as absorbing liquids and retaining in body, vapor and moisture holding feature, sound and heat insulation, vibration absorbing feature, high resistance against pressure and friction which arise out of its natural fibre structure.

Wool press felts for technical purposes are manufactured in rolls at any thickness and various densities. Roll felts are manufactured from white natural wool and gray natural wool. Also it is available in plates at various densities. Plates are generally manufactured at high densities. For some special applications, infinity wool felts are manufactured with pressing method or as infinity felt stripes by cord inside weaving method and provide service as most important parts of many machines.

Some fields of application are as follows:

  • Lubricating and stripping
  • Vibration damper
  • Sound and heat insulation
  • Pattern printing
  • Sander felts
  • Leakproof felts
  • Scraper felts
  • Endless ironing felt belts
  • Endless polrotor felts
  • Metal and Rolling mill felts
  • Saddle and packsaddle felts
  • Architectural fields of aplication
  • Furniture industry applications
  • Polishing felts
  • Filter felts
  • Bakery felts
  • Adhesive felts
  • Sponge aplicated felts
  • Felt Wick


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